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Frequently Asked Questions

Please search through these FAQs and feel free to contact us with additional information.  Also see "Employment" or "Vendor Application".

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
16How do the vendors enter the Oktoberfest Compound?No Category
17How do the vendors find the location of their booth assignment?No Category
18How many guests attend Oktoberfest?No Category
19How much does the food and drinks cost?No Category
20How much power is available for vendors?No Category
21Is Oktoberfest in downtown Leavenworth?No Category
22Is parking available for vendors?No Category
23Is there a discount for Active Military?No Category
24Is there a fee for entry into Oktoberfest for guest of Vendors?No Category
25Is there a Parade during Oktoberfest?No Category
26Is there a Senior Discount?No Category
27Is there anything vendors may not bring?No Category
28Is there more than one entrance into the Oktoberfest Compound?No Category
29May vendors buy alcoholic beverages during Oktoberfest?No Category
30What are the dates of the Oktoberfest?Events & Venues