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Frequently Asked Questions

Please search through these FAQs and feel free to contact us with additional information.  Also see "Employment" or "Vendor Application".

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Are all food vendors accepted?No Category
2Are Dogs allowed?No Category
3Are there any other alcoholic beverages besides beer availableNo Category
4Can I bring in knifes or guns?No Category
5Can the vendor leave their product overnight or for the three weeks of Oktoberfest?No Category
6Can vendors bring their children?No Category
7Can vendors stay overnight with their booth?No Category
8Can you buy tickets at the gate?No Category
9Can you leave and get back in without a charge?No Category
10Do the vendors provide their own Booth?No Category
11Does the Leavenworth Oktoberfest have a "Lost and Found"?No Category
12How can I become a Vendor?No Category
13How can I work at the Oktoberfest?No Category
14How do I become a sponsor of Leavenworth Oktoberfest?No Category
15How do I get to Leavenworth (Directions)?Directions & Lodging